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Committed to improving the farming industry

TAB AG believes that true innovation in agriculture can only occur when new technologies meet the fundamental needs of the farmer without significantly increasing their risks.

Every method, material, or equipment that has been adopted by the industry, went through a long and rigorous risk assessment process. The correct and fastest pathway to industrywide adoption is one that brings together independent researchers, farmers, regulators and sales organizations, in a joint effort to find effective, affordable, and low risk solutions. TAB AG has assembled a uniquely qualified team, capable of navigating through this complicated environment.


Our Dream Team

Our reputable TAB AG team & advisers represent decades of experience within the agronomy, agro-business, organic farming, technology, engineering, business strategy & government affairs industries – yielding a balanced and focused approach to the growth of our business.

Tom Gauthier
Tom GauthierPresident, CEO
Alberto Diaz
Alberto DiazChief Agronomist
Ben Cass
Ben CassSenior VP, Business Development
Amy Koenig
Amy KoenigChief Marketing Officer
Ally Richards
Ally RichardsLead Research Biologist
Dr. Jerry Miller
Dr. Jerry MillerSr. Soil Scientist & Advisor
Don Hiatt
Don HiattTechnology Advisor
Jordan Webb
Jordan WebbRegional Sales And Accounts Manager
Erk Barton
Erk BartonRegional Sales And Accounts Manager

The TAB AG Group Timeline


TAB AG partners align, combining experiences from agronomy, engineering and business management


TAB AG launched to support farmers throughout the Southwest


Partnership with the University of Arizona for Bio-Char Research & Water Conservation begins. Distributorship of WEED-IT Technologies begins


Design of first custom multi-crop precision sprayer begins

Sustainable Solutions are Vital to the Future of Farming


Water savings for soil amended with biochar


Organic commodities growth since 2016


Reduction of chemical use with WEED-IT precision spraying technology


Crop spoil when weed management is not implemented effectively

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We are here to support farmers and municipalities in their quest for improving quality of their land. Our Chief Agronomist and entire team are ready to provide customized recommendations and solutions.

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